postman.i2p moved to new home

November 16th, 2017

Hi I2pians,

after a major infrastructure breakdown the postman mail services found a new home. This move was planned anyways for the near future but
the initial plan included a complete overhaul of the HQ webpage. Instead we move first and update later.
The unplanned breakdown lead to minimal loss of email ( 2h incoming mails are missing ).

Sorry for the inconvenience and TTYL


HD failure on hq.postman.i2p

February 23rd, 2011


two days ago, the HQ suffered from a hardware breakdown. After further review a broken hd seemed to be the cause of the problem. It has been exchanged and the system is back.

There has been some data loss. Mails and account information from monday are probably lost. Everything else was reconstructed best we could. If you’re missing anything, contact postman on IRC and we’ll have a deeper look. Maybe there’s anything left we can salvage from the old HD.

Keep on mailing


Disruption of POP3 Services

April 18th, 2010


due to repeated hammering and DOS attempts against the POP3 port I decided to
deactivate the service for now. I am very sorry, but I’m fed up with all the probing the system suffered
during the last weeks. I will reactivate the tunnel at my own discretion.


After a few days of uninterupted operation the POP3 service is once again under attack.
Please check back in a few hours or days. I hope we’ll soon be able to deal with this sort of “friendly users”.

Regarding the mailservices (reloaded)

September 26th, 2009

Hi y’all,

It came to our attention that a number of users do not seem to follow the basic rules and advices on how to use the mailsystem. This leads to a series of problems. To make it easier for all of us let’s recap the most important things:

  1. Do NOT use short POP3 fetch intervals! This is I2P. Everything’s quite slow and relaxed speed wise. Hammering the POP3 server with logins every few minutes is not only adding unnecessary load to the POP3 tunnel, but exposes you by showing the world when and how long you’re online on I2P. A few times a day or just once a week (depending on your expected traffic ) should be OK.

  2. Do NOT, NEVER EVER! send mails to YOUR OWN normal Internet mailaddress! This is a very stupid thing to do if you want to stay anonymous. The same applys to sending mails to people you already know ( family members, friends ). It’s really STUPID to send yourself test-mails into the Internet!

  3. Do NOT subscribe to mailingslists if you don’t plan to follow them. Storage space is not infinite. Either clean your mailbox and read the mailinglist mails or UNSUBSCRIBE from the mailinglist. Just abandoning your account is creating a mess over time.

  4. Don’t just leave I2P without deleting your mailaccount first The majority of mailaccounts has been left for good. Some of them still receiving mails and filling the storage. Be so kind and delete your account if you plan to leave I2P. If you don’t we have to do it manually which adds to our workload considerably.

  5. Do NOT send harassing, threatening or similiar mails to people in the internet which may result in problems for the mailgateway operators. This includes bragging mails to the FBI or german BKA as well as commercial mail aka SPAM!.

  6. Fetch and delete your mails from the server as soon as possible.

  7. This service requires a lot of work and money from a number of people dedicated to contribute to the community. Please help us by following these easy to comprehend rules.

    Thanks a lot for your time
    postman and mastijaner

    Waiting for 1000 active torrents...

    September 18th, 2009

    Hi y’all,

    During the last weeks we noticed a steady rise in the number of active torrents. If the current trend holds, we’ll see 1000 active torrents on this tracker before the end of September. Many thanks to all uploaders and seeders. Keep them coming!

    On the other hand there have been several DOS-style attacks against the service over the last few weeks. While most of them lasted only minutes to 1 hour we were forced to implement some counter measures. We hope this will help to keep up a good service quality for all users.

    Last but not least: Do YOU miss an important feature? Development for the PaTracker 1.5 version just started. Open a feature request with the ticket system [here] and present your case. We will pick the best ideas and add them to the development process.

    Have fun
    postman and mastijaner

    Save a doomed torrent today - and reseed it on tracker2

    July 5th, 2009

    Hi y’all,

    As many of you may have noticed – you can no longer upload new torrents to tracker.postman.i2p.
    Still the seeds over there are still going strong, keeping the number of live torrents at >= 1300. Amazing.
    But keep in mind, it will all be over by the end of this month. So what to do? Consider the following:

    If you’re still seeding some torrents on tracker.postman.i2p, keep the best of them, create a new torrent file for tracker2
    and give them a home there. Continue seeding them on tracker2. This way we’ll keep the most popular torrents alive after
    we bid farewell to tracker.postman.i2p

    postman and masti